If you want to smoke,
that's your business.

If you want to stop,
that's ours!


If you want to smoke,
it's your business.

If you want to stop, that's ours!


Smokenders Celebrates Women's Month

Women’s Month is all about celebrating the women in our communities and in our lives.

In honour of of Women’s Month, Smokenders is offering a 20% discount to all women who sign up and pay before the end of August 2022.  This discount applies to any course to be held in 2022.

If a woman signs up with a partner, this discount applies to both course attendees.

So you want to stop smoking?

Most smokers’ greatest fear is that they are not able to stop if they want to.   This fear prevents them from even trying.

Smokenders has an incredible track record showing that 90% of smokers that complete the program, stop smoking and remain non-smokers.

Smokenders present regular courses in the following locations:

  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • Pretoria
  • On-line courses (via Zoom, Skype, etc.)

In addition to the above, we also present live courses online using Zoom, Skype or Google Meet.  These courses allow us to support smokers remotely to stop smoking and teach you to live life as a non-smoker without withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

Transform your life today by stopping smoking.

The techniques employed on the Smokenders course activate your body to start healing and recovering immediately.

Most participants on the program notice the health benefits even before they have stopped smoking.

Most participants heal completely regardless of how much and for how long they have smoked.

How the course works.

Stopping smoking is a journey, and the SMOKENDERS program is a step-by-step process that has been designed to deal with all aspects of your smoking habit.  Most other methods only deal with the physical addiction to nicotine.

On the course, you will attend one 2-hour session a week for six weeks.  Whilst on the course you will stop smoking and learn how to live your life as a non-smoker.

Why Smokenders is different.

The Smokenders’ program was designed for smokers by former smokers that stopped using the Smokenders Program.

It is not a quick-fix attempt to replace the smoker’s addiction to the nicotine in cigarettes with the nicotine in gum or patches and does not use hypnotism or motivational tapes to convince smokers that they do not need cigarettes. 

Instead, it is a permanent solution to a problem that you have been wanting to resolve for a while.

Who and What is Smokenders?

Smokenders South Africa is a company dedicated to helping those that want to stop smoking.

The SMOKENDERS program has been helping smokers worldwide to stop smoking since 1969.

SMOKENDERS South Africa has been operating locally since 1975 and we have worked proudly with thousands of South Africans to overcome their smoking habit.

We have established an enviable reputation in the market and a proven success rate of 90% of which we are justifiably proud.  

Our partners

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This benefit is available to the main member and partner on the Multiply contract.

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How? By rewarding you for the activities you do every day to become healthier, safer and on top of your finances. The more you participate in these activities, for example; by exercising regularly, the more points you get, and the better your status. The better your status, the more your rewards and cashbacks.

Proud member of Business Network International.

What our customers say.

John Buck…. 2111

Stopping smoking was the one thing in my life I never thought I’d be able to do. Partly due to my own lack of willingness, partly due to my parents who have been smoking for 40 years plus, but mostly due to fear.

This course has taught me that it’s OK to be nervous about going through life without smokes. Courage is not the absence of fear; it is actually acting in spite of fear. Once I took that step, it wasn’t scary.

I’ve learned that smoking wasn’t the problem; it was the symptom of a bigger problem, and that problem was me suppressing my own feelings. For my whole life I’ve been too scared to stand up for myself and say “No – I’m not OK with this” or whatever. I’d blow it away with smoke. Taking the cigarettes away has forced me to feel and it’s wonderful.

Within a few days of stopping I’d started to eliminate things in my life that were hurting me…and pursuing things that were good for me.

It’s been fantastic.

Last week I relapsed and smoked a couple of cigarettes. Very mad at myself. I started to spiral back down into my “vortex of self pity/self obsession” and thanks to my higher power, a good friend and my facilitator, it was short lived and since then the desire to smoke has gone completely. I’m so glad I made that call!!

I will forever be grateful to this program, its principles and what it allowed me to do. Mostly I’m grateful to myself for giving myself the break and having the courage to try.

It’s nice to not kill myself on a daily basis any more.

Love, respect and gratitude.

RL: 2106

I’ve learned so much about myself that I had the courage to stop smoking, at my first attempt.

I never knew there was so much rubbish in one cigarette. I think a lot of people would stop immediately if they knew.

I think of what I achieved in 21 days with Smokenders, what else can I achieve with my life in the future.

Now I believe I can do anything, no matter how hard. I can do it!

I found that the gradual approach and the tools and techniques that were provided to manage the urge to smoke made it a lot easier than I thought it would be.


I found that the course helped me with more than just stopping smoking.  It also gave me a new way to view life and how to approach everyday situations.

The process is very positive and insightful and it taught me why I smoked and helped me to understand the habit and how to overcome it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to quit.

Dr. Johan Sla…. 2111

By nature, I am a sceptic. This has served me very well in the past. Previously I have tried to stop smoking using the “cold turkey” method. I have always failed dismally.

On this occasion, I was very interested by the methods used to clearly separate smoking out of one’s life. In a way, it is like a surgical procedure, whereby you dissect away all the connections which make smoking such an integral part of one’s life, until you are left with the isolated entity of smoking, and one can see it for what it truly is.

I found this course to be a masterpiece of behavioural modification. It attacks the problem of stopping smoking from so many aspects that it continues to re-enforce itself.

Obviously individual will-power becomes important, but I know that if I ever start to smoke again, I will never be able to do so after a meal, or while having a drink. The pleasurable associations with smoking have been changed forever.

The most important lesson of all, I think, is that there is very little that one cannot achieve when one applies one’s mind to it. I never truly believed that I could stop smoking, to end up in a situation where the craving for a cigarette is not there, where one doesn’t sneak puffs, where one doesn’t cheat oneself.

I feel that this course has forever driven a major wedge into my smoking behaviour, and I am deeply grateful for that.

We have full permission to use this text, and the doctors name, but decided to respect his privacy. The original is held at Smokenders head office.

Heather R: 2113

…determined to do her best for her first unborn grandchild by giving up smoking after 35 years. I discovered procrastination is the name of my game. I learnt that I want to stop smoking. I can’t imagine a glass of wine in one hand without a cigarette in the other….yet here I am after four weeks, not smoking. Joy, joy, joy, my heart is bubbling over and I’m so glad I’m a non-smoker. What a learning curve this whole experience has been. Smoking has so little do with puffing a cigarette.

Permission given. Original at Smokenders head office.  

GV: 2107

I am extremely proud of myself for becoming a NONSMOKER especially because I thought I would have a very tough time doing it. But it was easy, with no discomfort at all. The most helpful thing for me was being informed about all the dreadful things that the cigarette companies put into cigarettes. I think this is a crime against ALL people, smokers and nonsmokers alike. As if that is not bad enough we learn that there are so many diseases as well as various cancers that are caused by smoking. These facts made me so furious with the manufacturers that I did not smoke at all for 9 hours!

I am already in my “future as a nonsmoker” and loving every minute. I am free forever. If I can stop smoking so easily then I can do anything I want to with confidence and pride.

I have found the subconscious posters on my desk and fridge have helped me most. If I thought about a cigarette I just had to glance up and see reasons why I do not want one.

I have discovered that my anger towards my husband goes back 30 years to resentment when I lost my baby. I blamed myself and he got ALL the sympathy he asked for. I still do not know what happened or whether the baby was a boy or girl. In the future I will be more relaxed and confident, more loving and hugging and definitely NOT so UPTIGHT. I will enjoy life!

This was a very positive experience.  I was sceptical at first, but after understanding the addiction the process made perfect sense and assisted greatly in taking the final steps to quitting.

My sister kept telling me about the course after she stopped smoking through Smokenders.  I was a bit skeptical to begin with but I ended up learning so much more than just stopping smoking.  I also learnt a tremendous amount about myself, my thoughts and mindfulness.

It is a brilliant course.  Wendy gave us jut the right amount of information and no scare tactics were used.  The weekly lectures and assignments gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to stop smoking without being overwhelmed at any one point.

Wendy knows when to speak and when to listen and and to just trust the process.  That really worked.  She also made sure that we understood that the only way to stop effortlessly was to stick to the guidelines and advice provided in the lectures and the notes.

I was still a little skeptical up until the third or fourth week of the course but I didn’t realise how powerful and effective the Smokenders’ concepts and techniques are – how cleverly thought-out the process is.  It was incredibly important for me to understand, and then break the associations between smoking and triggers such as food, alcohol, tea/coffee, stress, going to bed and waking up and then building new neural pathways in response to these triggers.


What a life-changing experience the Smokenders course has been..  The support I received was anazing and the people I met on the course remain friends to this day.

The acceptance and support I received from Wendy surpasses anything I could have expected and is more effective than anything I have experience in therapy.

I hands-down recommend the Smokenders program before any book, patches, CDs hypnosis or other courses that are available.