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Smokenders is a company focused on helping their customers to stop smoking or using other tobacco products. 

We at Smokenders are all former smokers who used the Smokenders course to stop. In fact, the founders developed the program based on their own experience while stopping their smoking habit.

Our program has been helping smokers worldwide to stop smoking since 1969 and Smokenders South Africa has been operating locally since 1975. We have established a reputation and a provable success rate of 90% of which we are justifiably proud. 

Smokenders have helped thousands of South Africans kick the habit

Ordinary South Africans, just like you, struggled to stop smoking and stay off the tobacco. For many of them it impacted their health, economy and relationships so their delight when they discovered Smokenders is understandable. Many of them are grateful for what they often describe as ‘a new life’ and you can access some of their stories here.

A program that delivers results