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How the program works

The Smokenders program uses a well proven format that has been successful in helping countless smokers to quit for over 50 years.

Where most other smoking-cessation methods only address the nicotine addiction, the Smokenders program is a step-by-step process that has been designed to deal with all aspects of your smoking habit.

Another reason that the Smokenders program is highly successful is that the course is based on well documented principle that, if people work together in groups on a common objective, they are far more likely to succeed than if they worked alone. The program therefore features 6 weekly 2-hour meetings that cater for up to 12 participants. This ensures that each member gets expert, individual attention and support from their peers.

Participants in the Smokenders program further benefit from telephonic support from their facilitator before, during and after the course.

Why the Smokenders program is so effective

The system is so effective because it doesn’t just address the nicotine craving but focuses on all the reasons, underlying psychology, relapse triggers and lifestyle consequences.

Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances know to man. It is mainly taken in through the lungs when smoking tobacco products.

Because nicotine is so addictive, the urge to continue smoking and the well-documented difficulties in quitting the habit, come from this nicotine dependence.

The Smokenders program systematically reduces this dependence so that when you stop smoking, you have no cravings or withdrawn and uncomfortable symptoms.


Smokers believe that smoking reduces stress and anxiety, and this belief is so strong that they do feel better and more relaxed when they light up.

This feeling of relaxation is only temporary and is soon replaced by withdrawal symptoms and increased cravings that cause discomfort and result in you lighting the next cigarette.

People that stop smoking through the Smokenders program, become less stressed and anxious and learn to manage the stress that they do have.

Coffee & Alcohol

The dangers of an excessive consumption of coffee, sugar and alcohol are already well known, such as for instance increased blood pressure. Nicotine has the same effect. When used together, the coffee or alcohol will increase blood flow while the cigarettes will be constricting your arteries. This combination causes plaque to develop in arteries which makes them rigid and results in a loss of elasticity.

The Smokenders program works by breaking the association between cigarettes and coffee and/or alcohol.

Personal Triggers

Triggers are internal and external stimuli that make you want to smoke. Examples of these are the phone ringing, finishing a meal and having a drink. Different people have different triggers, so knowing your own triggers and understanding the best way to deal with them is your first line of defense.

The Smokenders program involves understanding your particular triggers and assists in developing strategies to manage these and to redirect the impulses brought on by these triggers so that you will not smoke.

Social Pressures

Numerous factors influence people’s decisions to start smoking or to use other tobacco products.

These factors include some individual and social characteristics, such as having parents, partners, siblings or friends who smoke.

By completing the Smokenders program, you will learn techniques to overcome these pressures and become a non-smoker.

Weight Gain

One of the biggest fears of smokers is that they will gain weight when they stop smoking.

The Smokenders program addresses the issues that could cause weight gain such as the substitution of cigarettes with unhealthy eating habits like snacking, and encourages a healthier overall lifestyle. Possible weight gain can thus be effectively managed without the need for excessive willpower and effort.


Smoking tobacco is both a physical addiction and a psychological habit.

To successfully stop smoking, you’ll need to address both the addiction and the habits and routines that go along with it.

The Smokenders program effectively identifies these habits and routines and will help you to develop new, healthier ones in their place, resulting in a new, smoke-free future.

Neural Pathways

The Smokenders course addresses your neural pathways that have been conditioning your smoking behaviours for years.

By blocking off those pathways associated with smoking and building new pathways driving more appropriate, healthier behaviours, you get to become a non-smoker, rather than just an ex-smoker.

Your Investment

The Smokenders program costs R 3,500 per person and includes the following:


Six personally facilitated group meetings, each of 2 hours duration

Comprehensive course notes that address the material covered during classes as well as additional informative content that will support you as you stop smoking
Telephonic support during and after the course to assist you during difficult moments related to quitting.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the value and effectiveness of our program that we commit to the following:


If you attend all meetings and complete the assignments after each lesson, you will stop smoking

If you do not stop, you will be admitted to the next course free of charge
If on your second attempt, you attend all of the meetings and complete all of the assignments and still don’t stop smoking, we will refund your complete fee

You will make your money back in less than 3 months

If you smoke one packet a day at R55, you will make your money back in just over 2 months. After 6 months you will have saved almost R10,000 with just shy of R20,000 after you first year.

  • After 1 month: 47% 47%
  • After 2 months: 94% 94%
  • After 3 months: 141% 141%

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