It doesn’t need to be so hard to quit smoking


There’s an easier way

Have you tried it all – the patches, the chewing gum, the hypnosis, the motivational tapes… but none of it seems to work? If you’re looking for an approach that actually works, then you have come to the right place and we look forward to helping you along!

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Introdcuction from Wendy Gidlow, Smokenders South Africa

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A System that Works!

Test of time

Smokenders has an incredible track record since 1969 showing that 90% of smokers that complete the program, stop smoking and remain non-smokers.

Built by smokers

The Smokenders’ program was designed for smokers by former smokers. They developed the Smokenders Program based on their personal experience.

No gimmicks

Not a quick-fix attempt to replace the smoker’s addiction to nicotine in cigarettes with the nicotine in gum or patches and no use of hypnotism or motivational tapes.

Why it works

The program is a step-by-step process that has been designed to deal with ALL aspects of your smoking habit, not just the physical addiction to nicotine.

How the Smokenders program will help you

The techniques employed on the Smokenders course activate your body to start healing and recovering immediately.

Most participants on the program notice the health benefits even before they have stopped smoking and they heal completely regardless of how much and for how long they have smoked.

Stopping smoking is a journey, and the Smokenders program is a step-by-step process that has been designed to deal with all aspects of your smoking habit. This is important because most other methods only deal with the physical addiction to nicotine.


The Program

The Smokenders program consists of a course where you will attend one 2-hour session a week for six weeks. The sessions are either in-person or conducted online.

Whilst on the course you will stop smoking and learn how to live your life as a non-smoker.

Our program offers a permanent solution to an addiction that is usually very hard to beat and stay away from in the years after.

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Stopping smoking was the one thing in my life I never thought I’d be able to do.

Within a few days of stopping I’d started to eliminate things in my life that were hurting me…

It’s been fantastic.

I will forever be grateful to this program, its principles and what it allowed me to do.


I am extremely proud of myself for becoming a NONSMOKER especially because I thought I would have a very tough time doing it. But it was easy, with no discomfort at all. 

I am already in my “future as a nonsmoker” and loving every minute. I am free forever. If I can stop smoking so easily then I can do anything I want to with confidence and pride.


What a life-changing experience the Smokenders course has been. The support I received was amazing and the people I met on the course remain friends to this day.

The acceptance and support I received from Wendy surpasses anything I could have expected.

I hands-down recommend the Smokenders program before any book, patches, CDs, hypnosis or other courses that are available.

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Quit Smoking the Easy Way

The Smokenders program is a step-by-step system that addresses all the different factors that are at play, not just the actual nicotine dependency. It provides support from peers and facilitators during the course and on an ongoing basis after. You are not alone!

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